The Sword of Dianite is a legendary diamond sword gifted to Tom by Dianite. The sword is enchanted with Sharpness VIII Fire Aspect II and does 17 attack damage. When held, it casts a fire particle effect that swirls arround the user.

Backstory Edit

To get to the sword, Tom had to complete a parkour run in the Dianite Temple. However, Tom is not neccesarily known for any parkour skills, Dianite took pity and teleported Tom to the end and gave him the sword.

History Edit

Being the best sword on the server, it was taken three times. The first time, Tom tried to test it on Champwan, who killed him and then gave it back. The second time, Nadeshot took it from a display in Tom's house. The third time, Jordan and Tom killed each other in Jordan's house. The sword was also given back to Tom at that time.

Dianite armor and sword