Price of Betrayal stats
Price of Betrayal is a cutlass crafted by Dianite and given to Jordan. It is more powerful than Jordan's rapier, the Pivot of Balance . It was lost in episode 89 of Jordan's series when his chat told him to put an   anti-personnel module in to his force field.

The Price of Betrayal is forged by combining a Tartarite toolrod, a Tartarite Full Guard (Full guard patterns are only obtainable via creative or villages.) and a Tartarite Large Sword Blade.

The modifiers are as follows: 1008 quartz, 10 Obsidian/Enderpearls, 450 Lapis, 5 Necrotic Bones and 25 Blaze Powder as well as the enchantment "Soulbound 1" and "Unbreaking 3" Neither of which come with the blade.