The Mianite website has finally gotten that big update that we have been anticipating for a while. The Mianite Forms is gonna be the central hub for everything Mianite. We have also seen some new stuff for the MianiteMMO he says that its very close to the public alpha stage. He also has released two new images. He also proudly announced a new game Mianite game called Mianite Battlegrounds which is a a unique fully custom Mianite themed Battlegrounds game mode. To stay updated make sure to go to the and make an account. Also follow us on twitter to stay updated on any information that is Mianite related.



X33N Has recently given us an official word that Season Three will not be happening this is what he said this

Season Three is not a thing.  The quote from me is from Dec. 2015.  Production on Season Three stopped early 2016.  Since then there have been plenty of indications and outright statements that it's not happening.  Almost the entire group has stopped playing Minecraft, there's now an awkward breakup dynamic, and none of them have time to dedicate two hours/day.  I love you guys for being fans, but it really is time to stop hoping for an official thing here.


Tom was reading comments in his live stream people were asking about Season Three his resapons is in this video Also any new comment about "Season Three when??!!!" will be deleted. If you want to discuss and not scream like five years old feel free though.