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The encyclopedia of the Minecraft streaming series "Mianite", created by TheSyndicateProject and IIJERiiCHOII.

On this wiki you can find a lot of info about the Mianite Series, the crew, behind the scenes and everything in between. We hope that you will join our community and contribute to our love for Mianite!

Everything contains heavy spoilers.

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Season 3

For documentation purposes only

Season One

Mianite1.png DianiteS1.png IaniteSeason1.png SynHD.png Tucker.png SeaNanners1.png Sonja.png Sparklez.png CaptainCapsize1.png SkipperRedBeard.png RupertTheGrey.png TonyModestep.png OpticNadeshot.png OpticHector.png JoshModestep.png Guardian Furia.png Dec.png Champwan1.png Twisted.png TheUserCreated.png Cronus.png LordBrokkr.png

Season Two

Mianite2.png DianiteS2.png IaniteSeason2.png SynHD.png Tucker.png Sonja.png Sparklez.png Wag.png KingHelgrind.png PrinceAndor.png FarmerSteve.png Martha.png Guard Tom2.0.png LieutenantAl0.png DeviserGaines.png DGWorkerF.png Timburr.png ObservationBot.png WorldHistorian0.png


Wag.png IFirez1.png Brute02.png KillerTom.png

Alternate Counterparts

Spark.png Mot.png Alyssa.png Jeriah.png FarmerSteve.png

Mianitian Isles

MI Mianite.png MI Dianite.png Miss Ianite.png MI SynHD.png CaptainSparklez.png Caveman Karl.png Angrec The Light.png King Fenrir.png Dec.png OrionV7.png

Behind the Scenes

Dec.png Twisted.png TheUserCreated.png Block Fortress.png Chimalus 3D.png TownHerald3.png Lady Krystine 3D.png Lucavex 3D.png X33n.png MrMadSpy.png Ralpren.png

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