Matthew "Matt" Haag, better know by his aliases Nadeshot (stylized as NaDeSHoT), TheOpTiCNaDeSHoT, and simply Nade (stylized as NaDe), is one of the inhabitants in the world of Mianite.

Season One Edit

He was a friend of Tom, and a follower of Dianite. He helped Tom kill Sonja and Tucker many times but he was absent the realm of Mianite for long periods of time.

He betrayed his lord, Dianite, and his fellow Dianities and even Mianities and Ianities, by stealing the Dianite armor in The Time of Peace, and joining The Shadows . Later Tom paid The Wizards 50 diamonds to have a giant castle built so he and NaDe could be allies once again. After the Shadows and Cronus disappeared, Nadeshot was a wildcard. No one was sure whether he was on Team Dianite or with The Shadows. He simply felt overshadowed by Tom, the chosen one of Dianite. Dianite still has not paid any attention to him. Nade is most likely still considered a follower of Dianite as his playertag is red and he has allied himself with Tom once again.

Season 2 Edit

Nade announced on his YouTube channel that there are no immediate plans for him to return in Season 2 but he was open to joining Season 3 should he be asked. [1]