Josh Friend, better know by his alias Josh Modestep, is one half of the duo Modestep and one of the inhabitants in the world of Mianite. He and his brother Tony have have had a lapse in play, but in the start of Season Two, they returned. Josh Modestep and Tony Modestep are part of Dianite. In one episode they built Dianite's head as a memorial to him. They acted as terrorists, performing hit-and-run attacks on multiple members of Mianite, most notably Jordan. One of them would go invisible and kill someone with a powerful sword in just a few hits.

After several attacks by the Modestep brothers, Jordan vowed revenge and spent several episodes attempting to locate their base, which unlike the main members of Mianite, was not public. Eventually, Jordan was told by Tucker that the Modesteps had told him where their base was and gave him the coordinates they gave him. Jordan went to this location and discovered a set of trees who's trunks looked suspiciously like a doorway. When he investigated, he discovered a lever that he thought would open a secret door, only to find that it was wired to TNT, though he heard the sound of it igniting and luckily managed to escape the blast radius in time.

He investigated the crater to find that it may have been the Modestep's old base at some point, as there was a crafting table, torch, and open fence gate inside the crater. He then dug strait down until he discovered a strip mine that led into the Modestep's base, who's entrance was a large face of Josh Modestep with a tongue for a bridge. He walked inside only to discover that it too was abandoned, with a sign from the Modesteps taunting him. Nevertheless, Jordan and Tucker blew up the face and left. The Modesteps performed a few more hit-and-run attacks in episodes after that before vanishing. Josh would occasionally return to spectate a purge, but his and his brother remained under the radar for most of the season.

The Modesteps returned in Season Two, but their activities are unknown.