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Jordan Maron, better know by his many aliases as Jardon, Sparkly Pants, CaptainSparklez, Sparkly-butt, Glitter lap, Mr. Butts, or simply Sparklez and SparklyDick (by SynHD)

is one of the inhabitants in the World of Mianite. He is good friends with Waglington (James), Tucker (Jeriicho), Tom (SynHD) and Sonja (Firefoxx).

He began his journey in Mianite as the only follower of the Goddess Ianite, apart from one now deceased Captain Capsize. He is the one of the main characters that influences the story of Mianite due to his main objective: to assist Ianite in maintaining the balance of chaos and order. Since arriving in Ruxomar he has formed a partnership with Martha the Mystic while remaining a Follower of Ianite, of which there now appear to be many. His other-self is Spark

Theories Edit

In Episode 72 (on Jordan side), the voices in Jordan's head were questioning whether Spark was the person who killed Dianite, the brother of his wife. The assassin who killed Dianite was robed, as if he didn't want to be seen. As if he didn't want to ruin his relationship with Ianite. Perhaps Spark vanished so he wouldn't have to tell Ianite what he had done. Perhaps Spark had enough wizardly powers to teleport himself far away from Ianite, in the hopes that she would never hear of what he had done. Ultimately, though, this was disproved, as World Historian was shown to be the one who killed the second world's Dianite.

The Realm of Mianite Edit

First Steps Edit

When he first entered the Realm of Mianite, Jordan wasn't sure which god he should follow. He was tempted to follow Dianite, but he wasn't evil, so he created Ianite, the goddess of balance. The name Ianite comes from Mianite and Dianite but without their first letters e.g M-Ianite and D-Ianite

He built his home, and called it "Casa de Sparklez", using birch wood planks. Later, Tucker (who felt that the house resembled his own a little too much) pranked him by replacing every block to acacia wood planks, with Sonja's help.

The Betrayal Edit

On his 12th day, Jordan found out that Tom had blown up the roof of Nadeshot's base. Jordan repaired it for Nadeshot and told him that they would be best friends. Later, the Jordan , Tucker , Sonja and Nadeshot conspired to kill Tom . However, Nadeshot betrayed the team and teamed up with the would-be victim. Jordan , Tucker and Sonja went to the End to build a temple to Ianite and Mianite and pray for all the secret bases to be revealed. At that moment, it was officially announced that Ianite is the goddess of the End. After coming back to the Overworld, Jordan decided to check his house and store his items, only to find Nadeshot there, who drank a potion of strength and killed Jordan , taking his Fortune III pickaxe. Later on, while chasing him, Nadeshot escaped from the Realm of Mianite by logging off like a jerk. Jordan set up a lava trap where Nadeshot was standing when he logged off, so upon his return, Nadeshot would be burned. When Nadeshot returned, he, along with Jordan's Fortune III pickaxe, burned in the lava. Nadeshot begged for Jordan's forgiveness so he could later make him join Dianite. Jordan told him that he should bring him back his Fortune III pickaxe if he wanted his forgiveness, giving him one week to do so. Nadeshot was able to get a better pickaxe, and gave it to Jordan , although Jordan still refused to join Dianite.</nowiki>

Birthday Cake Assassination Edit

On the 16th day, the day before it was the birthday of the channel Jordan , Tom had taken Jordan's enchanted sword. He built a restaurant called "Dine at Nite" to celebrate Jordan's birthday. Jordan took advantage of this. He planned an assassination attempt on Tom with the priest. While Tom was giving them the cake, Jordan took his chance and killed him, retrieving his own stolen Sharpness IV Fire Aspect II diamond sword, as well as some other items.

Ianite Edit

Ianite is ALIVE Edit

On day 17, the location of the Mianite Temple was revealed. Mianite ordered Jordan to meet him at the top of the temple, which caused the sparkly man some anxiety. However, remembering that he killed Tom , a follower of Dianite, he realized that those actions were enough to ensure his momentary safety.

Mianite, atop the temple gave Jordan a book entitled "DO NOT READ", then quickly left.

Naturally, the Captain read the contents of the book, his curiosity taking the better of him. This decision would change his life. The book read:

"Welcome lucky peasant. I need you to keep this between me and you, not even any fellow Mianitees. In exactly 7 days, beneath the eagle, a door will open. There, will be gifted something only you can hold. If you are to be The Chosen One. Should you wish to keep it, then just know the dangers of holding the item, as many people will hunt you down for it, even your closest friends. There will be a code located at

Y: 190

Good luck.

I hope you will find my long lost sister, Ianite, there. We will need her to defeat Dianite for one final battle '. "

Crossing sea

Sparklez making his way to the coordinates

Jordan immediately made his way to the coordinates, finding a sky temple which once held a cell where Ianite was imprisoned. Jordan found that she broke out of it leaving 3 signs. One had the code, and the others had the following : "If you find this then know I am alive"

"Do not worry about me... I'll come when I need to."
Sky temple

Sparklez found the prison in the sky temple where Ianite had been held.

The items contained within the secret vaults beneath the eagle was the Armor of Ianite- enchanted leather armor. Admittedly, Jordan was slightly confused and disappointed at first. However, the armor proved it's worth later. He received the armor on episode 23, which was entitled "IANITE'S LOCK!"

On Tucker's Day 52, (entitled "IANITE LIVES?!") Tucker discovered Jordan's hidden chest room, and found the book with the code's location and the lock/vault's location. However, when he arrived, it was too late, for the armor had already been collected.

Burned to the Ground Edit

On his 19th day, Jordan went to help Tucker make his elevator. While assisting Tucker , Tony threatened the Captain, saying ''Jordan , I burned down your house and your farms, and next, I'm going to burn you.''

This made both Jordan and Tucker anxious, and they rushed to check "Casa de Sparklez," only to find it burned to the ground, along with his farms. In doing so, Tony and Josh had broken one of Mianite's rules: do not destroy bases.
The burned casa

Sparklez finding out that Tony had burnt his home

Tucker decided to pray for Jordan, to help seek vengeance, as Jordan can't pray to Mianite because Mianite isn't his god.

Tucker made a book and wrote on it the following:

"My lord, Modestep has destroyed CaptainSparklez's home and I wish to help him seek vengeance on them.
Their location has been unknown forever, and we wish to know the location. Help us, oh lord!
" and threw the book in the prayer pit inside the Mianite Temple.

Later that day, while he was helping Tucker on his elevator, CaptainSparklez was killed by TonyModestep using a invisibility potion, taking his Fortune III pickaxe and saying that they are even - also claiming that he didn't take the pickaxe.

Sparklez reading what did Tucker wrote on the book for praying to Mianite

An Apology Edit

When the 7 days had passed, Dianite used his power to cast the Overworld into a "panic mode" where nobody was able to reach the Realm of Mianite, to the point where everybody lost hope in their gods and left, except for Jordan and Tucker who were able to enter the Realm after a long time. After this period was over, the people came back. Mianite had some trouble restoring his realm to it's former glory due to Dianite's attack, and sent Jordan 10 diamonds as an apology for the time it took.

The Ianite Armor Edit

Ianite armor &amp; bow

Sparklez gets the armor of Ianite and the Bow of Ianite after unlocking the Ianite's lock

On his 23rd day, the area "Beneath the Eagle" opened. Within it contained numpad to enter the code found outside Ianite's prison. After entering the code, Sparklez obtained the Armor of Ianite and the Bow of Ianite.

Sweet Revenge Edit

On his next day, Jericho (Tucker) told Jordan that the Modesteps told him about the location of their base. Jordan, already having a picture of what the location looked like, set out with Tucker to investigate. However, the Modesteps had already abandoned it and changed location. Jordan decided to blow up their logo (thinking it was occupied still) that was on their base using TNT, and called it "Sweet Revenge".

Team Ianite and Team Dianite Edit

Death to the Thief Edit

Synd in Mianite base

Sparklez found Syndicate checking Jericho and Firefoxx's chests

After 3 days, Syndicate (Tom) came back to the realm of Mianite. Jordan was at the strip club, and found Tom checking Tucker and Sonja's chests, so he killed him, because it was time of war and he could have taken something from the Mianitee's chests.

Team Ianite vs Team Dianite Edit

Cap vs Synd using chickens

Sparklez fighting Syndicate using raw chicken

Later they found an arena made of obsidian and a chamber made of bedrock at the back of the priest's temple. They decide to check it out and decided to fight and see who's the proper PvPer using chicken, and no armor. At the end of the battle, Sparklez defeated Syndicate.

He then left his items that he got after killing him in Tucker and Sonja's base inside some dispensers.

After that, they found a hole near the bedrock chamber, while exploring it, they discover it was full of redstone and some dispensers probably related to the arena where they fought, and there was a way to enter the bedrock chamber. Inside the chamber, were three levers, though they were unable to find their purpose.

Semi-Returning The Favor Edit

Later on, Syndicate goes to steal a name tag from Jericho's house, but Jericho and Firefoxx saw him, so they try to kill him. Syndicate however was able to defeat them both. Sparklez goes to help, but Syndicate used his Knockback II sword which causing him to fall, losing his good stuff, however, Sparklez told him that he gave him back his stuff, so he should do the same to him. Syndicate agrees that if Jordan challenges him to a duel and if he wins, Syndicate will give him his stuff.

Trolled and Trolling Back Edit

Searching for the armor

Sparklez and Tucker searching for the Armor of Ianite

On his 28th day, Tucker told him that Tom had took the Armor of Ianite from his chest and left a sign that says he had split the parts of it in four different chests inside the Mianite Temple, and (of course) he put empty chests as a decoy. However, after searching the inside of the Mianite temple, he was able to retrieve all of the armor with the help of Tucker. He decided to prank him back by moving Marlin from an item frame in Tom's house to a chest under the sea beneath the Mianite Temple, surrounded by obsidian to make it hard to mine, saying that Marlin was dying and that he needed water, so he took him back to his 'original place' and told him that his place is under the sea in the area of the Mianite Temple.

Searching for Marlin Edit

The next day, Tom told Jordan that the sea in the area of the Temple could be anywhere, Jordan gave him a hint and told him that Marlin is in the area of the "inside" of the Mianite Temple, which helped Tom retrieve him back after some time mining obsidian under water.

Tank of Judgement Edit

While Tom was searching for Marlin, the priest told them to visit the wall of his house at the noon, bringing with them their best things, after Tom was able to retrieve Marlin, he, Jordan, Tucker and Sonja made they way to the wall of the priest house, only to find a weird circular structure, there was obsidian pillars of different length, in the middle there was a floating one by two chamber beneath it some fire, surrounded by glass on the edges, and obsidian on the corners, the priest told them to stand oppisite each other in anyway, so Sparklez stood opposite Syndicate, and Jericho stood opposite Firefoxx, the priest then said his speech as the following :

" Welcome! This is the Tank of Judgement There has been some, unforgiving behavior on the land the gods are not happy with the violence spread across the land, who's first? "
The priest ask for the armor

The priest asking for the Armour of Ianite

Jericho decided to go first, and then was teleported by the priest inside the one by two chamber. It became filled with water, but after a few seconds, he dispelled it, and told him that he passed. He then asked "Who's next?", and Sparklez said that he'd go.

The priest teleported him, and as it seemed that he already knew about the Armor of Ianite, he asked him to gave it to him. Sparklez was scared, and the priest broke one of the glass and replaced it with a chest where Sparklez could put the Armour of Ianite, Sparklez then did what the priest told him to, and then the priest filled the chamber with water again. Sparklez was about to drowned, but the priest dispels the water and told him : "They changed their mind. You pass!" Sparklez took back the Armour of Ianite from the chest, and was teleported outside the chamber by the priest.

Next was Firefoxx, who the Priest told that she was good with the land, but not with him, as she hadn't gave him any gifts. She put some potatoes and Ender Pearls in the chest, but he asked her for her best things, she replied saying, "Ask Tom for it," as he had killed her before taking her items. The Priest then did the same as he did with Jericho and Jordan, filling the chamber with water, but she began drowning to the point where she had only 5 hearts. The priest then dispelled the water and told her that she had passed.

Last was Syndicate, who tried to run, however the priest teleported him inside the one by two chamber, and ordered him to give him Marlin. He then said, "Why must you cause pain to your gods? I must cause pain to you. Bye bye," and filled the chamber with lava, killing Syndicate and burning all of his valuable items. After that, he ordered them saying that no blood shall be shed between anyone, for now, and that Dianite was not happy by how Syndicate shed blood so easily, and that he wanted a more devious acts of revenge. He also told them that he received a message from the Dark lord that said, "Do not enter The Nether." Syndicate made his way to the nether, after he entered he found nothing.
Dec secret base

The priest entering his secret base

The Priest's Secret Edit

In the mean time, the priest was entering his secret base from a secret passage located under the enchantment table, Sparklez saw him and followed him, as the others also followed him, only to get kicked out by the priest and then shown a way to leave, which was a secret passage that lead to inside the priest's base, using sticky pistons to open the way that can be activated using a button from the inside of the secret base, or from the inside of his normal base.

Secrets and Mistakes Edit

Later that day, as it was a time of peace, they decided to show their secret bases, and while inside showing them his base, Syndicate by mistake used a Dianite bomb which killed Jericho. When he came back to Syndicate's secret base, Syndicate used a invisible potion, which scared the others, as they begin swinging their swords. Jericho's sword unwittingly reached Syndicate and it killed him. A bit later, Dianite came and killed Jericho with lava, burning with it the Mianite armor that Mianite gave him. Dianite said that that shouldn't have happened, and gave him a normal set of armor and he took his leave.

Ianite Statue Edit

A paper

Mianite giving Sparklez a paper called " LilacheIanite "

A bit later Mianite came and Jericho told him what happened, he seemed angry about it, then Jordan asked him if he has seen Ianite, he told him that he did, when he asked him about her statue, he told him that the imbalances in the world have made her deathly ill, and that why the priest forced the peace, as Sparklez gets worried, he asked everyone to keep the calm.

Mianite VS Tom!!!Edit

However, Tom called Ianite a p*ssy b*tch, which made Mianite angry and called him to the obsidian arena with no weapons and no armor. Jordan thought that Mianite was talking to him so he made his way to Mianite , but Mianite told Tom that he meant Tom and not him. He then told Jordan , "Take this, though," as he gave him a paper called "LilacheIanite". Mianite then fought Tom with Jericho and defeated Tom.

The Duel! Jordan VS Tom!!! Edit

Later, Syndicate challenges Jordan in TNT RUN mini-game. If Jordan wins, he will give him his stuff, which are a Sharpness IV Fire Aspect II sword, and a set of diamond armor with various enchantments, and if he loses, he should sign a assassinating contract that he would kill anyone that Tom told him, even if it's Jordan himself. It ended up by Jordan winning the challenge.

You Owe Me Items, Syndicate Edit

Syndicate giving items to Sparklez

Tom giving items to Jordan

Later in the realm of Mianite, on his 31st day, Jordan reminded Tom that he is owed a Sharpness IV Fire Aspect II sword and a set of diamond armor except for the helmet with various enchantments, and made his way to his house, then Tom gave him his items.

The Greatest Evil Edit

A bit later, they received a message that said that "The Shadows are coming", as an unknown voices speaks, saying that he Mianite gave them light, and a land, but deep inside, there is a force that even Mianite can't withstand it, and it's called "The Shadows", he then asked the question as why there is only 3 Gods, he also said the answers as that was because they were hunted, by "him" and "The Shadows". Then the priest came and told them the following :

" I have some grave news.
It's true.
I heard stories from the Great Priests of Mianite about " The Shadows "
I fear for the worst my fellow Mianitee's...
The Shadows are real. "

The priest then leaves, Sparklez questioned if the Shadows is something that's gonna unite them, Syndicate said that he would not work with them, and he can take on the Shadows in a 1v1 PvP match.

The Chosen One Edit

On his 32nd, Tom had received another message from Cronus, the messenger who gave them the Shadows's messages, he gave it to Jordan and Tucker, as the unknown voice speaks again again saying : " So Thomas you decided to take me on, you decided that you are the chosen one to defeat me, what a mistake you have done, I will give you one chance, one opportunity to redeem yourself, in due time, the shadows will rise, and one of you will be chosen, I will make you test your power, I will make you jump to the shadows, if you make the leap, and the dark side of you is true, then I shall bless you with my dark blessing. " he then said that anyone who fail or deny his offer shall be cost for life, and he would be hunted by his " Shadows ", and finished his speech by " where are your gods now ".

Sparklez vs Syndicate Edit

Sparklez vs Syndicate bows

Sparkles and Syndicate challenge begins

Later that day, Syndicate challenged Sparklez again in a 1v1 PvP match, using normal bows only and normal set of iron armor with no enchantments, and making the mobs as obstacles, it ended up by Sparklez winning the challenge again.

The First Purge Edit

On his 34th day, it was the purge, they decided before that the purge begins at 12PM, so at that time, Sparklez goes to Syndicate house and took " all " of his items, except for the valuables items that he hid, though later on, Sonja found half of it. When they met up later that day, the priest told them that he have a new friend that they should meets, when they followed him, it was " Cronus ", the messenger, a bit later, Syndicate came back to the Realm of Mianite, as the purge then " actually " started, as the first assault was by Sparklez, Jericho and Firefoxx, against Syndicate, however, Syndicate by miracle was able to survive and kill all three of them, later he formed an alliance with Cronus, and the priest, alongside Champwan, the two teams fought, however, as Champwan was with Syndicate team, they were able to defeat Jericho's team, a bit later, the priest allied with Jericho's team, and Champwan told them that the priest is his boss, so he would just follow him, they then made an assault against Syndicate, it ended up by Champwan killing Syndicate and Sparklez killing Cronus at the stairs inside the priest house, at the same time, Nadeshot had finally came back to the realm of Mianite, but was killed by Sparklez and Jericho, getting a set of diamond armor, and a enchanted diamond sword.

Dianite Temple Edit

However, the second half of the Purge was more interesting, as Dianite had risen again and told them to enter the realms of Fire using the portal near the priest house, as the Dianite Temple is " Real ", Sparklez begun making his way, but Jericho was worried that it could be just a trap, the priest then told them that it's safe, after they entered the realms of Fire, they found the huge Dianite Temple in front of them, while making their way to it, Syndicate tried to kill the priest while he was busy, however, he noticed him and killed calling him a " bitch ".
Dianite Temple 10

Syndicate reaching the chest that contain the legendary Dianite Sword

Searching for the Treasures Edit

The Purge pretty much ended as everyone was trying to finds the secrets that are within this huge temple, however, while exploring the temple, Sparklez falls inside the altar where Dianitee's can prays, he couldn't get up as he couldn't places blocks because of a spell that prevents breaking blocks and placing them, Dianite goes to him and holds a diamond sword, which made Sparklez worried saying " NO ", he then holds a ladder and told him " Or ? ", Sparklez plead for the ladder, and surprisingly, Dianite goes up and teleported him, which surprised everyone as " Dianite " had " Mercy ", later on, Dianite gave Syndicate a legendary sword called " Dianite Sword " it had Sharpness VIII, Fire Aspect II.
Dianite Temple 8

Sparklez staring at the " Dianite Treasure "

meanwhile, Jericho found a path to another treasure but couldn't go as there was a parkour challenge and he was worried, so he goes to make some fire resistance potions, however, when he told Sparklez about it, he goes there and was able to reach the treasure place, as it was a God apple called " Dianite Treasure ", alongside some Diamonds, Emerald, Gold, and redstone blocks. Though he didn't have a pickaxe to mine them, a bit later Dianite gave him a diamond pickaxe and told him that it was " free treasure ". But when Sparklez mined an emerald block, sand and gravel blocked his way of getting out, lave flowed into the room. Sparklez piled up to safety and dug his way free. He cleared out the lava and got the loot.

Modesteps, Friends or Foes? Edit

Searching for the Secrets Edit

On his next day, Sparklez has been told about Syndicate getting the Dianite Armor, and was told by Jericho that the priest told Syndicate that there is more secrets inside the Mianite Temple, and that he searched for so much time alongside Firefoxx, and found nothing, Sparklez goes to Mianite Temple to try and search, however the result was the same, nothing. At the mean time, Syndicate was testing his bow and killed Firefoxx as she found him inside their base checking their chests and Jericho by mistake saying that he only wanted to see how far the punch on his bow will send him flying.

Never Trust the Modesteps Edit

A bit later, Tony told Sparklez to meet, Sparklez accepted and told him to meet him at the Tank of Judgement, there, Tony said that he want to make up with him, and he gave him a god apple as a sign of friendship and peace, Sparklez accepted it, and told him about the Tank of Judgement and that he will soon get judged by the priest for his actions, Tony said that's that mean he will get killed, Sparklez said that he have a chance, and that the priest will count the gift that he gave him.
Josh shoots Sparklez

Josh shoots Sparklez

However, a bit later, while Sparklez was breading cows, Josh shoots him and killed him as he wasn't wearing armor, Josh said that he was aiming at the cows and that it was just a mistake, however, by mistake, while he was talking to Tony he told him that he was " actually " aiming at Sparklez, but he said that loud enough as everyone heard him, that leads him to the point where even his fellow Dianitee, Syndicate, laughed at him.
Sparklez shoots Syndicate

Sparklez shoots Syndicate

Invisible Tom Edit

Later that day,Tom drank a potion of invisibility, and heads off to attack Firefoxx, and then later Sparklez, however he didn't kill them, as it was just a prank. he stayed like this for a bit of time, then Sparklez shoots him, which makes Syndicate run, however, a little bit later, he does it again, which was annoying, Sparklez shoots and kills him in only one shot, Syndicate said that it was a good shot, and later came back and took his items.

The Traitor, The Bank Vaults, and The Prank Edit

Operation Spongebob Edit

Tucker building Tom&#039;s new house

Jericho building Syndicate's new house

He next worked on his vault, Syndicate wasn't in the Realm of Mianite, so Jericho and Firefoxx found that is the best time to do their prank, called Operation Spongebob,it is an operation to move Tom's island under the sea by building a huge sphere and rebuilding Tom's house block by block (with the chicken farm and the sugar canes) and then demolish his original house, when they told Sparklez about it, he goes to help them after he completed his vault, and it took them two days to finish it.

The Second Purge Edit

That is too much for free for all ! Edit

Sparklez's 38th day was the second purge day, they decided before that they would uses bows and iron armor or less, Sparklez prepared by making so much invisibility potions and poison splash potions, at first, they decided to let the purge be free for all, Sparklez goes to kill Jericho and Firefoxx using his stealth poisoning technique, two times, however he failed as in the first time mobs were aiming for him, and a skeleton kept shooting at him, making him lose four hearts, Jericho was able to aim at him because of the arrows, he killed him in one shot as Sparklez didn't have an armor. The second try was going to success, as he poisoned Firefoxx, she ate a god apple, however the poison stayed too long that it stayed after the effects of the god apple were off, and dropped her HP to a heart, she broke in to the cliff and hid there, Jericho was protecting her again, when the poison effect gone and her HP regenerated , they went to Sparklez house, closed the other and keep guarding it as if Sparklez want to kill them he need to open the other to enter, Sparklez then goes back to their base and searched if there is something good to steal, however, he was killed again by Jericho as the invisibility effect was gone and he was visible again. Sparklez then said that's that too much for free for all, as Jericho and Firefoxx were teaming up.

A Revenge for Sparklez Edit

Sparklez revenge on Tony

Sparklez shooting Tony

He then respawned at his vault, and found Cronus in his stairs, he took an invisibility poition and a splash potion of poison and killed Cronus, getting some very good iron armor, and some bows. A bit later, Jericho was killed by Tony and Champwan, Sparklez goes to kills Jericho when he was alone, but he saw Tony and said that he doesn't care about Jericho, and he will take his revenge for all his history with Tony, he used his Stealth Poisoning technique that he made, and with a few shots, he killed Tony, taking his revenge, and retrieving some of his bows that Jericho took after killing him, and some more potions, he immediately goes and hid what he got in his vault.

Getting the Assassinator Edit

After Jericho and Firefoxx failed attempts to kills Champwan, they lose pretty much everything, as Syndicate too killed them, they asked to team up with Sparklez to kill him and Syndicate, saying that Champwan will have all the good items, Sparklez said that he too has good items, and have too much poison and invisibility potion, and can just keep coming until he kills Champwan, by this, the alliance has been made, and their first goal was Syndicate, their successfully killed him twice, and one time Sparklez killed him alone in a very hilarious way, the first two kills were both thanks to Sparklez's technique, the stealth poisoning, as the first time was when Syndicate came and killed Jericho in front of Sparklez house, Sparklez forgot to get arrows, but he took Jericho's arrows when he died, he then chased Syndicate, until he enderpearled near Firefoxx, she wasn't far from Sparklez's house, Sparklez told her to hangout until he goes to the location, it took just a few seconds, Sparklez then poisoned him, and was going to shoot him, but as champwan wanted to help Syndicate, he killed him instead of Sparklez, Sparklez took whatever he could as Champwan was going to kills him, he made it put, but because of a random bad luck didn't get the Assassinator. Next they killed him when Jericho and Sparklez found him, Sparklez keep going after him to get a good shot while throwing the poison's splash potion on him, and he did, and where able to kills him in the river behind the priest's farm, Jericho got the Assassinator and said that he will share it with Sparklez, as he couldn't kills him without his Stealth Poisoning. Syndicate later made his way unarmored to Sparklez's house, but Sparklez saw him and shoot him one shot, which made Syndicate run, however, there was a creeper behinds him, which exploded making Syndicate dies flying, which was so hilarious.

Champwan is a Real Champion Edit

Their next target was Champwan, they made two attempts to kills him before time runs out, however, Sparklez wasn't able to throw the poison on him as Champwan in the first attempt was able to hear him going down the ladder, and then killing him. The second attempt was just a pure luck, as Champwan was searching for Jericho who was hiding inside Champwan's base, Sparklez said that it's perfect chance to goes and poison him, but Champwan gave up on searching for Jericho and decided to go out, at that moment Sparklez was going down the ladder and Champwan noticed the particles of the invisibility potion and killed him again. Champwan got some issues then and wasn't able to stay in the Realm of Mianite.

Sparklez last attempt was to Stealth Poisoning Cronus, however, as he was tired, he didn't aim well, and couldn't get Cronus, the second purge at that moment ended, and Sparklez was happy with the outcome as he got more good bows, and a very good bow from Champwan, that is alongside that he still have more poison potions and invisibility potion, and he got from Cronus some very good iron armor.

Syndicate is the best teammate, except not really Edit

On his 40th day, Sparklez purposed to go to the nether and hunt for some wither skeleton's skulls, so they can fight the wither boss later, Jericho, Syndicate and Sparklez then go to the nether, after a bit of searching, Jericho got bored and keep telling them to leave the nether and do another thing, the group go as he asked and leaved, Syndicate then has been told about the location of the Dianite armor and sword by Cronus, which were in the right gladiator-like statue that is in the entrance of the Mianite Temple, after getting it he showed to the others, Sparklez asked Cronus about the Mianite items, Cronus said that he doesn't have this information. After that, Sparklez purposed to build a mob grinder, and everyone agreed to it and went to build on the island where Syndicate's house used to be. Sparklez did most of the grinder, with a bit of help from Firefoxx and Jericho; however, Syndicate didn't do anything the whole time. After finishing it, Syndicate then crafted three item frames and puts on them the very first mob's drops they got from the mob grinder, which are a string, a bone and an arrow.

The Third Purge Day Edit

The third purge day was quiet this time, as Sparklez, along with Jericho and Firefoxx weren't in the Realm of Mianite for a week. Champwan was busy and the priest was on vacation. Only Syndicate and Tony were online. Syndicate tried to break in Sparklez's vault while he wasn't in the Realm of Mianite. Doing that, Syndicate broke the rules and burned the wood near the entrance of the vault, so it will open to him a path; however, he couldn't control the fire. It spread all over the house, which made the entire house to be burned. One of the wizards, iFirez came and repaired it, saying that a creeper blew up, trying to avoid putting Syndicate in a situation where he could be kicked out from the Realm of Mianite. Syndicate's plan worked, however. It had only cleared the first layer of Sparklez's vault's security system, as he couldn't understand the combination that Sparklez made. Syndicate broke the rules again to clear the way on the second and last layer of security, as he keep getting creepers to explode there. He success in the last five minutes of the purge; however, Sparklez knew that something similar would happen. He took all his valuable items and had put them in his inventory before he had logged off. He did this because he knew he could make them later, but it would take sometime.

This attempt to break in Sparklez's vault took two hours, even with the help of Tony, but in the end, it was a failure as Sparklez hid his valuable items in his inventory.

Guess Syndicate wasn't as clever as he thought :P.

4th Purge Day Edit

Invading Syndicate's Vault Edit

On this , the rules were golden hoes and leather armor, with no enchants. Sparklez joined the realm of Mianite inside Syndicate's vault, and killed him twice and left to his vault, taking with him some valuable items. A bit later, Jericho killed Sparklez, and then he killed him back. For the rest of the Purge, some more fights happened, but they were mostly unimportant.

Triple Kill ! ! ! Edit

Later on, Sparklez made an alliance with Syndicate, and in exchange, he will give him his enchanted sword back. Finding that he lost the sword and decided to give him a chest-plate, Sparklez entered his vault to find Tony, Josh, and Syndicate at the entrance of his house. He fought all three of them, and was able to get a triple kill, killing Tony first, then Josh, and finally, Syndicate. He then told him that this was against their alliance, and he will not gave him the chest-plate nor the sword.

Trials On the Purge ! Edit

A bit later, Sparklez and Jericho fought, however, they ended up killing each other at the same time near the entrance to Sparklez's vault, Sparklez then locked himself in his vault, so no one can ambush him while he enter the code to the vault, however, he got trialed for that, as the other said that is against rules, he found not guilty, as he bribed Syndicate, a " Courthouse slaughter " happened then.

Just a little bit later , Nadeshot joined the realm of Mianite and immediately got trialed for betraying Dianite, as Syndicate said that the shadows were just a test from Dianite to see their loyalty. However, he too was found not guilty , but Syndicate flipped the levers making Nade fall down causing him to die and lose some of his good items. After that, Syndicate wanted forgiveness, so he payed 50 diamonds to the wizards to build Nade a castle.

Getting Robbed Edit

Nadeshot goes to see his castle , in the mean time , Jericho was able to enter Sparklez's vault by after so many efforts by ender pearling through the glass in the entrance of the vault , he took all of Sparklez's valuable items , however he didn't hid them quite good . Jericho then left .

At the last minutes of the forth purge day , Syndicate killed Josh , who killed him back , and then Syndicate killed him back , and the last kill done by Nade , as he killed Sparklez .

Later on that day , after purge ended , Sparklez remembered that he said he would check Champwan's base , if there something in it , while going there , he checked the chests we're they found Syndicate's diamonds before near the entrance to Champwan's base , and found he items . In the end , it turned out very good for him .

The Arrival of Ianite! Edit

On Sparklez's 50th day on the realm of Mianite, it was supposed to be a mini-purge day , however it turned out a full purge day and there was no rules this time. They had an indicator that counted how many kill everyone had, Jericho was quite sure that he stod no chance in this purge and Syndicate got the first kill on the purge by killing Jericho. A bit later, Sparklez killed the priest, getting some real good loot and a magic wand that have knock back 10 on it. Later on Lady Ianite spoke with them for the very first time, she told them that she couldn't show herself because she was weak, and also that she hid some items somewhere in the realm of Mianite, but didn't remember their exact locations.

One of them was said to be somewhere near an "Ash Ketchum face" and Sparklez immediately knew the place. He went to the hill where Jericho's old house was and noticed a mini-temple-like building. Inside, he found a chest containing a special sugar called " sugar of Ianite ". When he took it, it said that it was bound to him and only him. Sparklez asked the priest about it and he told him that it gave him more speed with a cooldown of 30 minutes. Sparklez then told him that it didn't worked and the priest tried to fix it by speaking with Ianite in a special broadcast. However it didn't work out. While doing so, Jericho killed Sparklez and the priest then killed Jericho back, Sparklez said that they were troubleshooting and he shouldn't have killed him. Jericho then said that he just wanted to be happy with at least one kill.

Some more kills happened, one of them was between Sparklez and the priest because the priest used an invisibility potion and tried to kill him using his Power V Bow. He missed the first hit and Sparklez noticed him, he then one shot killed him back with the bow he got from the priest himself and got the sharpness V sword.

At nearly the end of the purge, Sparklez and Syndicate were tied at 12 kills while Jericho and The Priest had one. Syndicate then attacked Sparklez wearing his Dianite armor and the Dianite sword, however Sparklez drank an invisibility potion, a strength potion and attacked him with only an iron sword. They ended up killing each other at the same time, the same as what happened with Sparklez and Jericho at the last purge. The fight was in Sparklez's house, so he was able to quickly pick the Dianite armor and sword Tom had. The purge then ended here.

Dianite Test Edit

On his next day , Dianite came in the realms of Mianite , Syndicate told him about what happened , and how he loses the Dianite armor and sword to Sparklez. Then he told him that the armor was weak. Dianite burst into anger, claiming that Syndicate is insulting him as the armor is made out by Dianite blood, and therefore he is calling Dianite himself "weak ",.Syndicate then told him that Sparklez managed to kill him by using only iron sword and strength potion with no armor . Dianite then turned to Sparklez and begun shooting him with explosive fireballs , destroying with it the land , Sparklez hid inside Syndicate's house , so Dianite wouldn't be able to destroys it , Dianite then told Syndicate in private to ambush Sparklez in a mission to kill him, however, Sparklez was able to defend himself and killed Syndicate .

Dianite then told Sparklez that he have a test for him, and if he passed, he can keep the armor and sword. If not, he would gives back the armor and sword. Sparklez accepted, and the test was to kill a wither boss, however, when Dianite spawned him, the wither flew out of the arena and began destroying the land, Dianite tried to kill him nu failed. Sparklez then came to help him and killed the wither , while Syndicate came and took the nether star .

Dianite was impressed by Sparklez's skills , and asked him to ally himself with him, saying he will soon finish things with Ianite, and she wouldn't be able to survive, however, Sparklez stayed loyal to his lady , and refused Dianite offer , saying that Ianite will survive , and he will stay loyal to her . After that little conversation , Syndicate came and told Dianite to test him too , as he did with Sparklez , Dianite accepted , and this time he closed the obsidian arena with glass so the wither can't escape , Syndicate used a strength potion and was able to defeat the wither , however , this time , Sparklez quickly snatched the nether star.

Journey to the End Edit

In the season one finale of Mianite, Sparklez, Firefoxx, Jericho, Syndicate and Skipper venture back to Ianarea using Sparklez's boat to revisit Ianite. Ianite then leaves an item called, "Ianite's Soul". Jericho picks it up and gives it to Jordan to hold. They then head back to Syndicate's boat to go through the gigantic portal. When they got to the End there was a battle where Dinaite showed himself. To end the batlle Tom killed Dianite and the chat said "Dianite was shot by SyndHD". When they made it to the temple Ianite is reborn in full form where Jordan asks his lady to bring Capsize. She does but the events take a turn for the worst when Capsize is respwaned as a zombie and atacks her brother.They kill her and Jordan is in almost tears (as she was his girlfriend) . Ianite then explains they have to jump to leave the end to get home. This takes them to the season two world Ruxomar to countinue the series.

Ruxomar: Season Two Edit

While in Mianite, CaptainSparklez was allied with Team Mianite, mostly during The Great Mianite War due to him being the follower of Ianite goddess of justice. But in Ruxomar, Jordan is now allied with Dianite as Mianite has become obsessed with power over the Town, causing an imbalance for Ianite.

CaptainSparklez helped Tom to free Farmer Steve from his prison on Episode 17 (SynHD's Perspective) or Episode 14 (CaptainSparklez's Perspective).

Arrival of Lady fIanite Edit

Sparklez had asked help from Farmer Steve as he couldn't soul bind his Tinker's Contruct Weapons. As a result of a glitch, all of Sparklez's weapons got a 'f' prefix in front of it. Ianite's Rapier became fIanite's Rapier after soul binding and so on.

Good Luck Steely Dan Edit

Sparklez initially had 7 ME drives. He mined his ME System with the Steely Dan, just to move it little behind, and when Sparklez checked his inventory after that, he had 14 ME drives, doubling all his previous items. He had 4000 apples initially, now Sparklez has more than 8000 apples. (Following the stream, he tweeted "8000 apples a day keeps the doctor away", a reference to the incident).

Worst Goof Up Edit

Sparklez had just entered the Spectre dimension after he had finished moving in his ME system. Sparklez accidentally used the lava sigil beyond the limit which killed him in Spectre, due to which Sparklez lost all his precious soul-bound items. (which was definitely a glitch) During this terrible time in Sparklez's life, Farmer Steve rose up to the occasion and helped Sparklez get all his soul-bound items back. (Instead of his previous fAlumite Rapier, this time he made a Manyullyn Rapier and named it fIanite's Rapier). Unfortunately, Sparklez lost four of his ME drives in this mishap. His new fThe Steely Dan' doesn't have Fortune II on it.

Flyanite Edit

Sparklez bought a RV from the black market by paying the dealer 20 Manyullyn through Farmer Steve. It was transported near the bridge the next day (Episode 22, CaptainSparklez's Perspective). Sparklez put a helm on it and took it in ocean. It is by far the most majestic vessel. Sparklez also put a brewery in the back of the RV to give it a "Breaking Bad" feel. He has also put passenger seats in it, and has taken Tucker, Waglington on a tour in it. After adding enough balloons, it can now fly!

Gotta Go FastEdit

Sparklez always lived away from civilization. Tired or traveling back -n- forth from the Reactor and Witchery Base using Methamphetamine, he was instructed by the voices in his head, (the stream), to construct portals that work the same as basic Nether Portals; traveling from the first Frame to the Second Frame in an instant. So, whenever they have a mission, he can easily travel back-and-forth with ease. Later on, he discovered the secret combination of the Sigil of the Phantom Bridge from Blood Magic and Methanamine from Minechem to travel between his Fortress of Fury and to Tucker's Dojo or Sonja's House quickly.

Dating Ianite? Edit

The voices in Sparklez's head has tried to get Sparklez to go on a date with Ianite, but have only really succeeded once. The episode in which Farmer Steve proposed to Martha for the second time(Episode 53), the voices in his head managed to convice Sparklez that had to go on one date with Ianite, since his romance from Season 1, Captain Capsize, ended with the demise of his girlfriend. Martha had also said that Sparklez could wish for a date with her mother. Everyone was spying when Steve proposed, and after the proposal, Sparklez took Ianite out for a friendly lunch. Sparklez took Ianite to the wizard's village for their date. Ianite killed a creeper and gained a creeper heart, and gave it to Sparklez saying, "I give you my heart." Dianite gave Sparklez a pie and say, "Sister, I heard Glitter-lap made you another pie." to with Steve replied, "Glitter-lap! That's a good one. I'll change the sign on the purge hall." Sparklez was hoping that Ianite would give him a few tesseracts after their date, but Martha gave Sparklez the tesseracts in exchange for taking Ianite on the date.

Nvidia Fluid Prank Edit

This "Nvidia Fluid" is chemical named Hyosciamine, which was supposed to give bad effects. But due to a glitch, it forcibly closes down the minecraft client of the person who touches it or gets hit with weapon infused with the chemical, similar to the Nvidia Incidents that happened very often in Season 1 of Mianite.

Ender Portal Prank Edit

After James (waglington) discovered that they can pick up and end portal block with a matter transporter, Sparklez hatched an idea. He put ender portals all over his friends' bases as a prank. Whenever someone would go up their elevator or enter their door, they would end up in the End.

Insanity Edit

After Mianite wanted Firefoxx to visit a shrine because she was sick and through pure act of curiosity to discover a new place, Sparklez wanted to come along. Mianite refused because he didn't need to come unlike Firefoxx. Though Martha insisted greatly, Sparklez then became as sick and insane as Firefoxx through a ritual of knowledge sharing in thaumcraft. Because of his now insane status,Eldritch guardians, Mind Spiders and various effects happen once in a while.They still didn't go to the shrine, which was the point of all this, but Sparklez still had the chance to travel into the Eldritch dimension to fight a boss and win some loot with Firefoxx.

Mianite's Contract Edit

In episode Season 2 Episode 97 Captain Sparklez was given a contract by Mianite, if signed he was able to receive an impressive weapon. However in Episode 98, Martha was able to convince not to sign it. When he agreed, she named him Champ of Ianite.

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Tools Edit

  • Sparkly Wang (lost by Tom)
  • The Cobbler (given by Tom)
  • Ianite's Silk
  • Ianite's Excavator
  • Ianite's Wang
  • Ke$ha
  • The Steely Dan
  • Healing Axe
  • Ianite's Chopper
  • Darude Sandstorm

Artifacts Edit

  • Vampiric Poppet (CaptainSparklez -> SynHD)
  • Voodoo Protection Poppet (Captainsparklez)
  • Angel Ring (Wing Type: Dragon)
  • Golden Bag of Holding (Soulbound)
  • Ender Pouch (Blue, Red, Yellow, Blueish center) (Formerly Blue, White, White)
  • Thaumonomicon
  • Thaumometer

Spells Edit

  • Fancy Diglet
  • Magic Light
  • Fancy Starstruck Thing
  • Fancy Starstruck Thing 2 (more mana consumption and damage)
  • Dugtrio (renamed 3x3 dig spell)
  • Infinite Mana

Relationships Edit

Mianitees Edit

Mianite Edit

The Captain has earned the trust of Mianite, to the point where Mianite entrusts Sparklez with the quest to find Ianite, the lost goddess. Jordan seems to trust Mianite aswell and respects him despite not being a Mianitee himself. But upon traveling to Ruxomar Sparkles almost immediately declared himself Mianite's doppelgänger his enemy upon learning of the deities's empire and apparent dislike for Ianite. However upon their first official meeting Sparklez aswell as his friends once again became allies, but when Mianite's true intentions were revealed (to kill Dianite) Sparklez attempted to kill Mianite while Mianite attempted to do the same to Jordan.

Jericho Edit

Jericho is one of the Sparklez' closest friends, if not his best friend, within the world of Mianite. They often hangout with each other off-screen, and on-screen they help each other often as Sparklez built him his death trap for his base, and helped him making his prank Operation SpongeBob. Jericho prayed to Mianite to help Sparklez get vengeance on the Modesteps. Jericho helped Sparklez search for the lost Armor of Ianite.

Firefoxx Edit

Sparklez and Firefoxx share a friendly relationship. He often jokes around with her and trades in business. Though, sometimes, he is suspicious of her actions during Purge fights and is skeptical of some business trades.

Champwan Edit

Champwan is good with everyone, and the same goes with his relation with Sparklez, as they share a powerful friendship, and it was shown during the second purge day, as Sparklez got information from a trusted source that said that Champwan uses black magic that raise his powers as seeing invisible people, and that is forbidden, however it was proven later that it's just a false information, Sparklez apologies, Champwan later gave him a powerful bow as a sign of friendship, and said that he understands what happened to Sparklez and it wasn't a big deal.

Guard Tom Edit

Captainsparklez and Guard Tom have a pretty good friendship that comes from when Sparklez let Guard Tom stay in the Fortress of Fury after Sonja scammed him out of a bunch of diamonds and "lent" him a house (which was really Steve's). Over time while Guard Tom was looking for evidence about who killed his friend, Jordan felt bad about how he and the others (Tom, Sonja, Steve, and Andor) cost Guard Tom his job as well as his friend. Refusing to lie to him, Sparklez would only tell him partial truths until his guilt finally got the best of him and he decided to tell Guard Tom everything. Instead of being mad Guard Tom accepted Jordan's reason for breaking into the prison and believe him about not meaning to hurt him or kill his friend and that it just sorta happened. They are still friends and currently Guard Tom is helping Sparklez hunt down the bot that have been spying on them.And Guard Tom has been abducted recently.At the end of season 2,he betrayed the gang and tried to kill them.He was later killed by Jericho.

Dianitees Edit

Dianite Edit

Dianite met Sparklez only once when he came back with his huge temple, and by far, their relation seems to be fine, as Dianite helped him twice, first when Sparklez fell into the altar that is located inside the Dianite Temple, when he freed him when he could have destroyed him easily. The second time was when Sparklez found the Dianite Treasures but could not obtain them. Dianite then gave him a diamond pickaxe to use.

However, Dianite has attempted to kill Sparklez before. When Sparklez obtained the Dianite armor, Dianite arrived and attempted to kill him. Dianite stopped a short while later, without killing Sparklez. Then Dianite decided that Sparklez needed to be tested, so he teleported Sparklez in to the arena and spawned a Wither to fight him. Sadly, no one enclosed the arena and the Wither started flying away, blowing everything up. Dianite and Sparklez teamed up and defeated the Wither. After all that, Dianite claimed that Sparklez is worthy, and invited him to his side, saying that Ianite won't survive much more, however, Sparklez refused his deal, saying that he believes in Ianite, and she will survive. Then in the finale episode, Dianite fought every Mianitee to stop them from advancing. Dianite was destroyed, so I guess that ends their relationship.

Syndicate Edit

They are sub-business partners and buddies in both seasons where Tom sometimes wage war. They also include teamwork a lot in some missions and adventures together the most than the other players on the server. They have been shipped together creating the pairing "SyndiSparkelz". There is a video on Twitter of them "kissing" when they got drunk, though it is more like just pecking lips. Tom looks very enthusiastic about the kiss, while Jordan looks like he doesn't want to be there. Since then, it's been a recurring joke for Tom to bring it up and telling Jordan he's going to kiss him.

The Modesteps Edit

Their relation isn't good, as they hold a grudge on him, to the point where you think that their only goal is to tear out Sparklez, only because he helped Jericho kill them on his first days, they even burned his house in time of peace. They asked to make up and be friends, and even gave him an enchanted golden apple as a sign of friendship, only to be killed later by them.

Dianite (Ruxomar Alternate) Edit

Dianite in season two is very similar to Mianite in season one. He has lost his body to his brother Mianite to no (specified) reasons. Dianite made his first appearance while Jordan, Tucker, Tom and James were at the wizard's town. Soon enough, Dianite gained Jordan's loyalty by giving him a sword named "Price of Betrayal". Dianite has also given him a number of other gifts such as penicillin, "Diglet's Boss Brother" and molten ender. Their relationship currently is good and Jordan has the intention to get Dianite's body back. It is also important to note that Dianite has offered Jordan and Ianite valuables and money to have Jordan follow Dianite instead Ianite (which is why Dianite gave Jordon "The Price of Betrayal") At the end of season 2, Jordan and the gang did end up getting Dianite's body back, at the cost of Farmer Steve.

Farmer Steve Edit

Farmer Steve was formerly an unknown stranger to Sparklez and most of the time, Sparklez faced Steve's vengeance, especially when he was trialed by Steve and killed. Later on, learning that Farmer Steve was an Ianitee, Sparklez gained respect for him and in return, Steve respected Sparklez, offering him his giant apple farm for use. After a long while, it was learned that Steve was part of Dianite which affected Sparklez, but very little. He still keeps a good relationship with Farmer Steve and assists him in adventures. Sparklez once broke him out of prison as well, which adds onto the trust.

The Shadows Edit

In season one Sparklez had little to no actual contact with The Shadows.

Just before the final purge of season two, The Shadows appeared to Jordan at first using the skin and voice of Ianite, before showing his true form. He claimed that he "owed a large portion of his profits" to Sparklez and that they may become something akin to partners in time.(The Shadows followed up by stating that he had no real partners)

Captain Sparklez would later end up killing The Shadows' body (WorldHistorian) using the Bow of Balance during the finale as-per the suggestion of Ianite.

Nadeshot Edit

Nadeshot was going to be Sparklez's "best friend", as he was going to join Ianite. However, Nadeshot betrayed him, sided with Dianite, and killed Sparklez, only to get killed by him and Jericho later more than 10 times. Nadeshot begged for Sparklez's forgiveness and Sparklez told him that he should give him a diamond sword with some various enchants, and a Fortune III pickaxe, (that were previously lost due to his deaths) giving him a week to do so. Luckily, Nadeshot was able to get what Sparklez ordered, and their relationship then stayed neutral. However, Nadeshot betrayed everyone again by joining The Shadows and stealing Dianite's armor and Ianite's leather armor, which brought them back to the same points where they were, or even worse.

Cronus Edit

Cronus is a messenger for The Shadows. For some reason, he is a good inhabitant, and is neutral to good with everyone, to the point where gave Dianite's armor back to Syndicate, but if ordered by The Shadows, he will do as they say. This put him in relation between neutral and good with Sparklez, as both of them hadn't done anything to the other.

Ianitees Edit

Ianite Edit

Sparklez being the one true Ianite follower at the beginning she was greatful and she has given him the great task of recovering her heart and at the end they succeeded on retrieving it.

Captain Capsize Edit

She was the captain of the pirates and sister of Skipper Redbeard. She resided in Ianarea before it was destroyed and later came over in her ship with Redbeard. She and Sparklez eventually started dating, and she gave him a flower named "Jardon's Rose". Tucker was plotting to (somewhat forcibly) marry them. She was captured with Ianite and was imprisoned. Ianite offered to bring her back, but without her memory. Jordan and Redbeard declined, saying that they would rescue both of them. When the team left for Ianarea, Ianite was rescued, and as a favor, brought back Capsize with her. However, she 'wasn't herself', and had to be killed by Skipper, breaking his and Sparklez hearts.

Ianite (Ruxomar Alternate) Edit

Reminding Ianite of her late husband (The rumored alternate version of Jordan, who bears unsightly green sunglasses and horrendous black shorts) who, mysteriously, has been missing for the last 10 years; she is very fond of Jordan (Spark Plug as she calls him), and may be in love with him, but this is disputed. She was given a Mini-Me, Ianita, by Jordan that she has taken upon herself to raise as a child. He also dated her in Episode 53 as a "reward" for not doing his high-pitched voice while saying female lines from chat. Though Jordan only wanted a tesseract. Fans on Twitch chat said to date her, and oddly enough she agreed. Dianite also said that if Jordan paid him 10 diamonds he would give him access to Martha's bedroom (Because Martha and Steve got engaged that day and Steve Said "LETS GIVE THAT BED O' YOURS A RIGHT RUMBLE AY!!) and "teach" him what to do after the date. As Ianite began growing weak, as a result of the World Historian's meddling, Jordan became very supportive with Ianite stating that being near him gives her strength. However soon after retiring to the end Ianite's quintessence became depleted and she turned into a statue before transforming to ash. She would later return briefly advising Jordan to utilize his arrows against World Historian

Martha the Mystic Edit

As Martha being the daughter of Ianite and in a way, Jordan's daughter, he was happy to meet her and keeps a good relationship. Though, their initial encounter proved difficult, due to Sparklez and Martha arguing whether it was a good idea to clean off the taint that spread to Ruxomar, which was Ianite's conscious, which proved opposing ideas. Sparklez believed in his Goddess, saying that if they kept faith, everything would be fine, while Martha simply wished to leave it be. The aftermath proved Sparklez correct and his actions were respected by Martha. When Jordan became insane later in season two, Martha was strongly against it and said that she had lost the last person she trusted. Though Sparklez tried to convince her otherwise, she felt betrayed and their relationship was fragile and uncertain until Jordan was presented with another solution where he could be with her (as the daughter of Ianite, maintaining balance should be a given personality trait) and do good things for Ruxomar in good faith rather than as a contractual obligation, this he favored over becoming Mianite's tool over a scythe and thus he restored their relationship to a positive note and was renamed "Champ of Ianite" as a reward for making the right decision. Their relationship broke once again when Jordan sacrificed the last known remaining Ianitas and Ianite's Void Robes (BroRobes) to Mianite who said he was going to use them to revive Ianite. However, the relationship was saved once again when Martha announced she had the last Ianita. Mianite had told Tucker to go get the last Ianita from Martha, and sacrifice it with his Kikoku. Jordan warned Martha ahead of time and they made a plan to trick Mianite. Sparklez made a decoy Ianita. He gave the Golden Lasso the Ianita was in to Martha, and they Jordan pretended to kill Martha and take the "Ianita", and sacrifice it.

Prince Andor Edit

You can say that Andor is a really good friend of Jordan, as he really helped him out with Andor being a follower of Ianite; Sparklez helped him out by breaking him out of Inertia and then Sparklez gave him new wings after they brutally cut them off.

Others Edit

James "Waglington" Hayes Edit

Being more active and more part of the story, they are really good friends. Waglington has helped Jordan multiple times with spells, as well as sometimes calling upon each other to test armor and weapons.

Observation Bot Edit

Sparklez is completely neutral with the Observation Bot, however, he is also annoyed by it. Whenever he encounters sights of the Observation Bot, he plots a way to rid of it. Some failed attempts included trying to catch it with a Cloud in a bottle.

Pets Edit

Jerry the Slime Edit

Jerry The Slime resides in two possible areas. Inside a capsule within Sparklez ME system or within Guard Tom's room in the Fortress of Fury.

Franklin the Ghost Pig Edit

A Spectral Pig summoned by CaptainSparklez and named by Ianite in episode 42 of Mianite: Season II. The pig was summoned using the Witchery mod, initially so the Captain could obtain spectral dust for another ritual. He invited Ianite to watch the process, and as the pig was summoned, Ianite claimed she had a dream of the pig and dubbed him Franklin. Until then he never acquire spectral dust and consider Franklin as one of Sparklez pets.

Owly the Owl Edit

Owly the Owl is Guard Tom's Pet and lives with him in the Fortress of Fury.

Toady the Toad Edit

Toady the Toad resides with Guard Tom in his room within the Fortress of Fury.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Magic Manipulation Edit

Sparklez has the ability to use magic spells for offensive and defensive purposes. For instance, his "Diglet" ability allows him to excavate any form of dirt or solid object from the ground at a very quick pace. The most deadliest ability in his magical arsenal, "Ianite's Vengeance", allows him to create a city-block leveled explosion that kills those trapped in the blast, making him a very powerful foe. He is the second to succeed in using this magic under the assistance of Waglington.

Puzzle/Problem Solving Expert Edit

Sparklez has trained in various missions labeled as "Adventure Maps". These train his mind in problem-solving, puzzle solving and to withstand against mind trickery. He plays prominent roles in completing many Mianite quests and puzzles with this training. This coupled with the fact that he is the best out of the main 4 with redstone, and actually build his own vault in S01, The only person to do that.

Horror Survival Practitioner Edit

Sparklez has had encounters with horror before, playing through even screamers and other popular horror maps and games. He shows resistance against such beings, however can still be frightened and is, a lot.

Binary Language Edit

Sparklez has the ability to talk to robots by using binary codes to translate what the robots are saying. He did this when the Observation Bot was speaking in binary.

Note: Sonja is better at it though. Sparklez used a translator.

Ender Utilitarian Edit

As a follower of Ianite, Sparklez excels at utilizing multiple ender tools and items, using them at their full potentials. He goes deeper on Ender-themed mods than most players in the server.

Technician Edit

Sparklez is the best redstoner —not only in the Realms of Mianite, nor in the Realm of Fire; he is the best redstoner in the " whole " world of Mianite— building death traps in Jericho and Firefoxx's base entrance as an example. Furthermore, his skills were proven with a combination lock he made which used hoppers to open his vault; it proved far superior to the wizards' faulty technique (shots fired). He was in charge of building the redstone wiring beneath the Quartzhouse, before it was destroyed by the terribly designed airship. He was the first one to create an ME system and the second to enter the spectre dimension after Waglington. He was also first to make an Angel Ring and gain unlimited flight, followed by Tom in the very same episode, and the first to construct a nuclear reactor with a turbine. He uses the reactor to power his breeder/slaughterhouse, Mining Lasers, and Ender Quarry. He also utilizes tesseracts to connect different outlines of machines from other dimensions, and he's crafted all initially necessary Galacticraft machines. He's also built a system of portals throughout the world of Mianite to instantly travel to designated areas. He has even made a Spatial IO structure.

Hardcore Parkour Edit

Sparklez's skills in his movements both horizontally and vertically gave him the ability to parkour to reach hard-to-reach areas, and that was proven in various situations. He has Gnarbuckle moves bruh.

Stealth Poisoning Edit

On the second Purge day, Sparklez came with the idea of stealth poisoning, by using a invisible potion on himself, going into sneaky mode, and throw a poison potion at the target and then shoot them. He was able to get some kills using this strategy, as the poison drops the HP of the target to half a heart, which is pretty much instant kill. He's the only one who does this, as it was originally his idea, however, he still miss sometimes when he's not focusing.

PvP Skills Edit

After his training in the world called " Hunger Games " (also called " Survival Games "), Sparklez has constantly trained in the art of fighting and PvP-ing and has proven himself in numerous purges and challenges. His prowess was proven when fighting Syndicate in a 1v1 PvP battle and winning the final and most EVEN purge of mianite season 1 with 49 kills!

Archery Edit

Captainsparklez is well trained in the use use of bows. One of his preferred weapons is the Bow of Balance.

Ultra Modded Survivalism Edit

Before being summoned to the Realm of Mianite, Sparklez lived in a mystical land of magic and technology very similar to that of Ruxomar. With this knowledge, Sparklez has a head-start on the other heroes in his manipulation of these previously unknown powers.

Witchery Edit

He is the first one to introduce poppet witchery magic in Season Two. Using his newly found skills, he then trolled Tom, Sonja, and Tucker with voodoo magic giving birth to the popular phrase "Who do the voodo". Unfortunately, when Sparklez was accidently killed by Tom while fighting an Arcane Guardian, Tom stole his voodoo protection poppet making Tom invincible from further Sparklez voodoo magic. He also made a vampiric poppet in episode 20 (Sparklez's side) and taglocked it on Tom which made Sparklez immortal towards Tom in that episode. The vampiric poppet's existence is currently unknown, although it is most likely in Jordan's ME System. He has also gone deeper into witchery and now he can access the Spirit World. The first one to enter the Spirit World. He has also summoned a familiar named 'Franklin' the ghost pig. The name 'Franklin' was suggested by Ianite, as she had been dreaming about a pig named 'Franklin'.

Piloting Skills Edit

Jordan lives up to his title of "Captain" as one of the greatest, perhaps even the best, Archimedes pilots in the Realm. He was the first of the main group to create a ship, and is nearly undefeated in Pod Racing.

Thaumaturgist Edit

He first studied Thaumcraft to help decrease the taint from the Town. He also is the first to craft an Ethereal Bloom, a plant/flower used to revert tainted lands back to normal. Later on, he acquired the same research points as of Sonja, through the Tome of Knowledge sharing, and gained a lot of warp points, as well as the side effects of it, usually Mind Spiders and Thaumaria but is easily cured because he carries a Bucket of Penicillin. He also has enough points to go to the Outworlds and was able to defeat its boss. Later on, it is proposed to create a mecha suit for Dianite's spirit to control around. When Sparklez succeded in having 32 ingots of a rare metal, Dianite commented it would be enough to make a toe. He still was happy for he contribution and gave Sparklez all of the Thaumcraft knowledge and secrets as a gift.

With this, Sparklez also developed natural abilities. When he was in battle with World Historian, Sparklez was struck with a bit of his sickness which caused fog to engulf the area. This assisted him in being able to confuse World Historian and kill him with the Bow of Balance.