SDagrun at Night
In Season Two of Mianite, Dagrun was a large town in the realm of Ruxomar. It was initially presided over by King Helgrind, as well as his son, Prince Andor.

Description Edit

The town of Dagrun was, first and foremost, a trading town. Situated on an ocean, its numerous wharfs and docks served in the selling and moving of large amounts of material goods. The vibrant economy of the town was noted by famous merchants, such as Tim Burr, Sven, and Captain Sprinkles.

The Welcoming of the Sky People Edit

Along with the Priest, the king and prince welcomed the Sky People with open arms. The king granted the heroes and heroines land to make homes outside of the city. Over a period of time, King Helgrind became reluctant to venture out of his castle and rarely spoke with the Sky People. Andor, however, was quite jovial and could be seen actively meandering through the outskirts of the town.

Troubles with the Law Edit

Farmer Steve took several Sky People to court for the stealing of his apples and wheat. Those put on trial included Jordan, Sonja, and Tom.

The Destruction of the Town Edit

STaint Attack (1)
As the taint began to overrun the Sky people's homes, King Helgrind granted them houses within the town. After slow gains against the Taint were made, a large statue of Ianite appeared in front of the town. When Jordan and Wag destroyed this statue against the warnings of Martha, a terrifying Taint Monster-aka "Ianite's subconsciousness"-appeared. The taint monster and the resulting taint consumed the town. By the time Jordan had cleaned up most of the taint at the behest of King Helgrind, the town was in shambles.

Reclamation and The Purge Hall Edit

SPurge Hall
The town became a ruin, a shell of its former past. Vines grew where people had once lived and various blocks jutted up from the earth. As Ianite returned, a large statue of her grew where the castle had once stood. The Purge Hall was also built in the remnants of the city, and the bridge to Dagrun, which has previously been destroyed, was restored.