First Appearance: Edit

DG Worker is an employee of Deviser Gaines in Urulu, he was first known about when complaining about sand and his water system in chat. After some exploration, Jordan finally found his house and met him. He is quite annoyed by sand which, like he says often, "gets everywhere you don't want it to." He also takes care of the water irrigation for the crops in Urulu. He is quite frightened and uneasy when the players first came to his city, looked in his chests and buzzed around, but he is now a good friend of Jordan and is less afraid of them. He was the one to get them the tickets to visit Mianite's Outpost, where they met Deviser Gaines and Mianite in person. He also helped Jordan with his reactor.

Accidental First Appearance of Gaines: Edit

On May 5th 2015 (Ep.77 CaptainSparklez), the Deviser appeared before Jordan while under the impression that he was wearing his DG_Worker disguise. This of course was not the case. In response Jordan turned around and said, "I think you may have booboo'd", expressing that the person had made a mistake. He quickly realized this and switched back to the DG_Worker Outfit for the sake of the story and said, "Nothing to see here". Indicating that this was just an innocent mistake on his part.

DG worker

DG worker with his scientific hat.