The term "God" or "Goddess" refers to a supernatural being with powers beyond measure. Their lifespan is often infinite, or very long, and either they can be killed or not depends on the god. In the series, it seems they can only be killed with the Kikoku. The only exception is when Tom killed Dianite in Season One.

The Gods: (In the order of them being introduced to the series) Edit

-Mianite: Mianite was the first god introduced in the Mianite series, He is the god of the over world, and is the oldest sibling of Dianite and Ianite. He was good in Season One, but became an antagonist in Season Two. Though not stated, he seems to value order, as shown by his personality and influence in Season One & Two.

-Dianite: Dianite is younger than Mianite, but still older than Ianite. He is Mianite's rival and rules the Nether. In Season One he was the god of evil, but in Season Two became good. He seems to value chaos.

-Ianite: Ianite is the sister of Dianite and Mianite, and is the youngest of them. She has dominion over the End. In both seasons she was the goddess of Balance and Justice.

-Martha: Martha (nicknamed Marthanite) is the daughter of Ianite and sister to King Helgrind, It remains uncertain regarding what she is the goddess of and what realm she rules.

-The Shadows: Also known as World Historian or Kikoku Botan. He is the main villain of season two and the Father of Mianite, Dianite and Ianite.


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